Why lease a minibus? Some options and alternatives.

Minibus Contract Hire

Key Features

  • Off balance sheet funding, as vehicles are owned by the Funder
  • Fixed monthly cost for the life of the contract
  • Flexible lease terms and mileage use to suit your business
  • The Funder takes on all associated risks of vehicle ownership

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced borrowing ratio for your company with off balance sheet funding
  • Improved tax efficiency through numerous VAT benefits
  • Low initial outlay
  • Improved budgeting and cash flow forecasting
  • Reduced administrative burden as funder supplies, services and disposes of your vehicles

Minibus Finance Lease

Finance Lease is a tax efficient choice with two options: you pay either the entire cost of the vehicle, including interest charges, over an agreed lease period or opt to pay lower monthly rentals with a final payment based on the anticipated resale value of the vehicle.

At the commencement of the contract, usage parameters for the vehicle are agreed and, assuming these do not vary, monthly payments and interest rates are fixed for the duration of the contract. Therefore you benefit through fixed costs but do take on the administration and operating risks. At the conclusion of the contract you can continue to operate the vehicle under a "peppercorn agreement" although you will at no time take ownership of the asset.

Minibus Accident Management

Minimise the impact of accidents

It takes just seconds for one of your drivers to have an accident. This can be followed by days of tedious work to organise all the administration that the incident generates. If you go it alone, the best you can expect is to spend several hours sorting out the paperwork, not to mention the admin staff you may need to draft in to help. It all adds up to a great waste of time and talent which should be focused on your core business.

Accident management is organised around one key telephone number, dedicated to providing all your service and repair requirements. Call the number as soon as you know about the incident and we'll do all the rest. We'll take care of:

  • Rescue and recovery
  • Onward transport for driver and vehicle
  • Repairs
  • Uninsured losses
  • Legal advice

Outright Purchase

If you are a cash rich organisation or just prefer to own your assets outright, we can still help. We are able to achieve substantial purchase discounts on the supply of your new minibus as well as having the essential knowledge to ensure you opt for a vehicle that suits your needs.
We can assist in the disposal of your existing vehicles and will make the process as simple and pain-free as possible.


Now please visit our Specifications page to view the weights and dimensions of our minibuses.

Our Clients...


We have provided a variety of different organisations with minibuses. All of course can be tailored to the organisations specific needs. This page briefly outlines the service that we provided for 3 of our clients.

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