Contract Hire and Lease of School Minibuses

What is the most effective way of financing a school minibus, keeping it serviced and safe, and ensuring that it is always available whenever it is needed?

A school minibus meets a vital need in allowing the school to expand the number of trips and visits it offers, as well as engaging in a whole range of education beyond the classroom.

But minibuses also bring problems.

In particular there is the cost of obtaining and running a minibus.  And even when that is overcome there is the issue of ensuring that the minibus is maintained to the highest standards, so that it is not only always safe, but it is also always available for use.

Which takes us back to the question: "What is the most effective way of financing a school minibus, and keeping it safe, serviced and available whenever it is needed?"

It is to provide solutions to these questions that Benchmark Leasing has been set up.

If you have a minibus, or are thinking of investing in one, there are in fact five issues you need to consider:

1.  The size of the minibus available.  

Smaller minibuses are cheaper, but they restrict the use of the bus for certain groups.   Larger minibuses are sometimes more of a liability for town centre parking. With a lease option rather than a purchase you can consider a shorter term commitment so that you can be comfortable you have the right minibus for your needs.

2.  Contract hire or Purchase

Buses can also be hired, or purchased outright. We are happy to facilitate this where required. Leasing a minibus, on the other hand, will involve a fixed monthly cost and often no up-front payment - which can be useful in many cases.

3.  Variety

There is a huge choice of minibuses available and it is always a good idea to get expert help to ensure that you choose the best one for your needs.

4.  Advertising and Marketing

A minibus can become part of your school advertising and marketing by adding the name of the school, and the school logo to the side of the bus. Every person that the bus passes will be reminded of the out-going positive nature of your school's engagement with the world beyond the school's buildings.

5.  Safety and Wellbeing

Schools are centres of learning and teaching and often don't include anyone who has the time to oversee the condition of the minibus, checking everything from the tyres to the safety belts and ensure that it is serviced as needed.  Having an outside firm undertake all this takes a lot of pressure off the school, and ensures that the bus is always there whenever you need it we can include these safety inspections within our agreements (at additional cost) should you wish.

We offer a wide variety of minibuses on lease and for sale. 

For more details please call us on 01753 859944 or click here to see some of the options available.

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We have provided a variety of different organisations with minibuses. All of course can be tailored to the organisations specific needs. This page briefly outlines the service that we provided for 3 of our clients.

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