Converted and Specialist vehicles

We work with the most respected and expert vehicle convertors and specialist vehicle suppliers.

Many of our clients need vehicles that are equipped to allow for wheelchair access including ramps (either fully electric or manual), wheelchair and assistant lifts and side steps for ease of access.

We can create bespoke vehicles that give a flexible arrangement so you can cover unforeseen requirements.

In April 2013 new VOSA/VCA legislation came into force which dramatically affects vehicle converters and the vehicles they produce and what seats they can fit into a vehicle.

For aftermarket seat installations you will now require evidence that the following EU testing legislation has been performed.

The additional seats including all components for installation into the vehicle must be tested at 20g by an accredited test institution and meet the safety standards described in undernoted EEC directives ECE-R14/06 and council directive 76/115. This involves destructive testing of the complete seat system in a manufacturers vehicle shell similar to the vehicle you intend to fit the seats into. In order to gain Type Approval, the seat manufacturer must have the following approvals:

  •  Test of the strength of seats, their anchorages and head restraints according to ECE- R17/07 and Council Directive 74/408/EEC, annex IV as amended by 2006/96/EC for vehicles of category M1/N1
  • Testing of installation of safety belts and restraint systems according to ECE-R16 and Council Directive 77/541/EEC as amended by 2006/96EC for vehicles of category M1/N1 

 Our chosen coachworks convertor has been fitting seats in their customers vehicles that have complied with the tests required for the new legislation since 1996. Be sure your seats meet the new requirements.



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